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Vets who Code


About us

The Vets who Code program is a learning community for veterans at Texas A&M University. Students in the program learn the computer languages python and R and use these languages to perform scripting, data exploration, and data analysis. A recent study found that almost half of all jobs with annual salaries over 58k require some coding skills. The goal of our program is to provide a comfortable environment where veterans can build these skills and become more deeply connected to the campus community. As an added benefit interested students can also pursue faculty mentored research projects that use the skills they have learned.

Join us!

We meet Monday evenings at 5:00pm in room 309 of ButlerHall. To get ready for the meeting please follow the instructions here.

To become part of our team email Dr. Blackmon.


Week Topic Week Topic
1 R: Reading and wrangling data 8 R: challenge problem
2 R: logical operators and control structures 9 Python: introduction and advantages
3 R: control structures and functions 10 Python: reading and writing data
4 R: manipulating data 11 Python: scripting
5 R: visualizing data 12 Python: modules
6 R: basic stats 13 Python: challenge problems
7 R: challenge problem 14 Python: challenge problems