Experimental Design

Learning Objective

This course is intended to provide a foundation in the proper design of scientific research projects in the field of biology.

By the end of the course, successful students will be able to:
  1. Design studies that are statically tractable
  2. Graphically explore data in R
  3. Perform standard statistical analyses in the R environment

Class meets TR 8:00-9:15 in HELD 105
For more information email Dr. Blackmon.

R commands
Week Topic Material
1 Introduction and motivation pptx
2 Statistical Principles pptx
RMD file
my tuesday fail
3 Principles of data visualization pptx
basics of R
Yahtzee in R
4 Intro to R distributions
homework 1 completed
basics of R cheat sheet
5 Plotting in R plotting examples
betta fish data
homework 2 completed code
two categorical variables ppt
two categorical variables pdf
R categorical examples
5.5 Saturday Fun gnatocerus file
offspring file
6 Simple hypothesis testing hypothesis testing ppt
hypthesis testing pdf
7 Review and midterm
review pdf
review doc
review script
8 Holiday / linear regression
9 More linear models
10 Mixed effects models
13 Bayesian methods and MCMC
13 Monte Carlo methods
14 PCA
15 Shiny / Holiday
16 Review and Final

Exam files

Extra Resources

R markdown
R style guide
basics of R cheat sheet
base R plotting cheat sheet
ggplot2 cheat sheet
color brewer

Useful R packages