r-logoR Graduate Seminar
Biological analysis with R

Heath Blackmon

Topics Files and Links
Install R and RStudio R instructions
R Studio instructions
Navigating in R & R Studio
Basics of R syntax
Data structures in R
worksheet 1
script for ex. 1
finch data
R cheat sheet
R style sheet
worksheet 2
plotting arguments
divergence data
script for ex. 2
MK models of Trait Evolution worksheet 3
script for ex. 3
Continuous Trait Evolution worksheet
chromosome numbers
script for ex. 4
Custom Functions worksheet
func. for ex. 5
script for ex. 5
Birth Death Processes
script for ex. 6
Elijah Wostl
Time Series Analysis
Ashley Asmus

One of the best things about learning R is that there is an amazing amount of material available online.  Almost any problem that you will experience has been seen before. 

Lots of additional resources are available at the R website
Additional courses focussing on R are available: code school coursera

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